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Missing Children | 行方不明 is a Japanese horror-themed adventure game about a bully detective searching for reported missing children. 

From the creators of 

The Convenience Store

Stigmatized property

Inunaki Tunnel

Missing Children | 行方不明 is a short game. The game is about 40min-60min long. Though this game has two endings. 
This game contains disturbing scenes, implication of child abuse, and suicide.
Please note that this game is not a typical horror game, but a horror-themed adventure game.

Key Features:

Save system: You can save your progress manually at the police station.

Immersive experience: An atmospheric, realistic graphics intensifies the experience.

Japanese horror-themed adventure: Japanese horror film and J-Horror game inspired environment and mood.

Two Endings: There are good and bad.

Chilla's Art, LLC
StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsAnime, Atmospheric, Casual, Exploration, Horror, japan, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
LinksSteam, Patreon, Steam, YouTube, Twitter


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Really good game

I love it. i realy like the way the game is plotted and the mechanics of it 

Lovin this game

Another solid creeper from Chilla's Art

Full Play No Commentary

Played it and loved it!! Once again, great job from Chilla's Art! Still got some more titles to go through but every single one of these experiences, were all worth my time!

Loved the game! Big fan of the Chilla's Art style. Game reminded me a little of a Kiyoshi Kurosawa style film.

Check out my playthrough if you want!

Vas a very good game I somehow managed to get the good ending.


I Failed THEM...(Bad Ending) | Missing Children | 行方不明 (Short Japanese Horror)

Another game by Chillas Art! That i love!

Super creepy and tense, loved the design of the characters, the story is interesting, and I'm so glad I got the good and the bad ending for the full story, even if some questions are unanswered.

I absolutely loved it, managed to get both ending too


I Failed THEM...(Bad Ending) | Missing Children | 行方不明 (Short Japanese Horror)

Another great short Japanese Horror by Chilla's Art!

a very VERY unnerving experience

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Here's my gameplay, part 2 and finale another day. I'd want to summarize my thoughts though, the game is - kinda boring to all hell. It's just Fetch Quests, no one likes those. You Find X bring it to Y even if it barely makes any sense, do this 20-30 times and then you get a credit screen and different 'ending text'. It indeed is not meant to be a horror game like previous games but what substance does this have?.... It's extremely tedious


I really enjoyed Convenience Store, but the last two releases have been very buggy. The graphics menu doesn't work at all for 1440p or 4k monitors(If I try to change the default from 4k to 1080p, the game gets letter boxed to 800x600 while the in-game assets remain rendered at the higher resoultion). The framerate is very erratic when trying to record, even on lower settings that I would never normally even consider.  

Missing children is a fantastic horror game short story that revolves on a lady's investigation on 3 children.

the game itself is not very scary however the game prides itself in a circular story with no real plot holes except for the

relevance of the toy windmills that you collect during your let's play. If you acquire all windmills, you get the good ending for

the game. However if you rush through the story you will result in a bad ending. If you are curious on where the windmill

locations are / the missing keys or just want to see some gameplay

Click HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ_ch05qgdU&feature=youtu.be

> Fantastic graphics for an indie game 

> Storyline is extremely well thought out 

> The atmosphere is very eerie and very unsettling 

>The characters themselves give you a feeling of unease 

> Some Npcs can go through walls and objects that are considered not passable for the player

>Some of the items are a little difficult to find especially the key of kanae's  drawer.

> There wasn't very much explanation on the entity that you encounter multiple times during the gameplay.

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Got Good and Bad Endings!!! This was dope the story was amazing!! I got lost like I usual do but I did it lol!! 

Starts Game at: 4:00

Bad Ending: 1:12:38

Good Ending: 1:29:50