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muito bom!

Good game

Creepy game, but i dont know what happen to delivery guy at the ending?!

Très bon jeu, j'ai adoré.

an amazing indie horror! Thanks for making it!

I really enjoy all of Chilla's Art games, this one was very creepy.

Knew the vibe it was going for and executed it flawlessly, genuinely scary

Really had a fun time playing this game!

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

One of my favorite Japanese Horror Games.  Such a creepy and immersive atmosphere.  I loved the can collecting part too.



For the last little while, I have been slowly playing through Chilla’s Art game catalog. Not once have I been disappointed, and Night Delivery is no exception. From the get-go, the atmosphere is unnerving, and you know something isn’t quite right. The story is presented slowly and progresses in a way where it tries to show you what has happened; it picks up and gets creepier as it goes on. I liked how both of the game’s endings answered questions; instead of being a basic good/bad set. 

The sounds found in the game are also a strong positive point, from the creeks of doors to the clanking of air conditioners. Every sound adds to that build-up of the atmosphere on display here. The only issue I can point out is the possibility of some mistranslated words or sentences; I apologize if these have been corrected. I played through the game towards the end of August. 

All in all, this was another fantastic atmospheric offering from Chilla’s Art and a solid horror experience!

Linked here is a video I made of my time with the game. However, it does not do it justice in showing just how eerie this experience can be.

Cheers and take care!

Chilla's Art has a way of making realistic situations horrifying, a skill :) Overnight delivery at random apartments is already scary enough

Full Playthrough No Commentary 

Chill's Art always delivers great atmosphere and stories, and its been a while since I jumped. Great work as always, really enjoyed this game, but I will say I've got other Chilla's Arts games that hit as my favorites. 

I gave one of the biggest screams ever playing this game... Good but not one of the best

Great Game! Def worth grabbing and adding to your library.  Check out the video for the full game!  

This game was WILD! The jumpscare near the end had me SHOOK. I also had some very funny moments throughout! Check out my playthrough here!

I really enjoyed this one; I even managed to collect all the cans and get both endings! Only issue is the game crashed after giving more money to the priest. I went back and replayed through it but, a save feature would have been nice. I do appreciate that the game keeps track of all cans you find so you don't have to get them again in case it crashes~

Not bad at all! Very tense and creepy atmosphere, and the high level of detail one would expect from Chilla's Art. I feel some parts could be condensed a bit due to lo g waiting times that make the game drag on a little bit. But overall, this was a great experience!

Really enjoyed the game, atmosphere was amazing. Lots of suspense. Just a heads up, I got stuck in the bathtub and had to reset.. was digging for cans. lol.

Im quitting my delivery job cuz imma be going to sketchy places and im not a fan of that anyways theres a new game called Night Delivery and yeah let know in the comments and enjoy the video.


I had a very buggy experience with this game. I essentially had beat it two or three times before I got to see an ending. I really like the scares and atmosphere but very little actually happens. The great moments had me wishing this game was about the landlord and not the delivery guy. Here's my playthrough for those interested: 


Oh, this was a spoopy little experience, I loved how the story unfolds slowly and creeps into every detail of the game. The sound effects are absolutely amazing, even small door noises made me uncomfortable. Fantastic show and absolutely worth the (very small) price. Thanks so much for the experience! 

That was an interesting experience. It has a slow start kind of, but it does pick up and get pretty damn creepy. A couple parts made me jump pretty good, haha. Overall, it was a fun, spooky experience. I was able to get Ending 2 so far. Thanks!

In development? So it's still being worked on?

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